Or Nah (Hollywood Trap Remix)

by Dominic



Trap Thursdays #1
Or Nah (Hollywood Trap Remix)
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You bout to leave with my team
smoke some weed or nah

Im that that nigga fuck yo nigga
you agree or nah?

You nodding yes, Make you wet
We under sea or nah?

Hit it from the back
you gon let me pull this weave or nah?

Handcuffin, finger fucking
you a freak or nah

Bed squeakin, legs weaken
you gon peak or nah

Want me to beat it lick it eat it
is it sweet or nah?

ass smacking climaxing
you chinese or nah?

girl you gotta fatass lemme grab that
lemme test that...lab rat
lightskin got money ima spoiled brat
lemme bend that back back like a pack pack

pussy wet so ima dive in
lemme work them lips like violin
yeah girl you dont need nobody else
beat it up beat it up call me wreckit raplh

everything i got now all me
your new girl my old bitch thats all me
what you want me to do man im sorry
one text two text den she on me

yeaaaaaaa nigga im the shit
looking for me im prolly witcho bitch


released 22 August 2014



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Dominic Toronto, Ontario


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